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Does your Gadgets needs Insurance ?

Gadgets, gadgets everywhere. Gadgets and technology have grown up to be an increasingly important part of our lives. From dawn to dusk, we are using one gadget or the other. We feel handicapped without gadgets. We invest so much of our time and money into our gadgets.

The rise of the hi-tech gadgets has made an enormous impact on our lives, and have led us to think carefully about how we value and protect our belongings. Items such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, music players, eBooks and GPS devices are extremely robust and expensive goods. Their portable nature means that they are also a high security risk, vulnerable to theft, damage and loss when taken out.

“Our possessions provide rich pickings for thieves and, given the portable nature of our gadgets, we’ve now got more to lose, too.” – Matt Reid, specialist gadget insurance provider.

We invest so much of our time and money into our gadgets and the question is whether gadget insurance is worth the investment? With the substantial amount of money we spend on gadgets, protection with gadget insurance is valuable to have. We are provided a peace of mind that money put into your gadgets will not be a waste of money if an accident happens, such as a spill.

As mobile devices become more integrated into daily life—and also become more expensive—gadget insurance is something that anyone who has purchased a device should consider. With sensitive data like bank account details, contacts’ names and addresses, work-related emails, and other information now stored on most people’s gadgets, the consequences of losing a device or even being without it for a few days are becoming more severe. There are a number of gadget insurance options to choose from, so it is important to thoroughly research all available plans. Those considering insurance for a mobile device should ask themselves whether they are prone to lose their gadgets, commonly drop them, or have highly breakable devices. This will help them better understand when to consider coverage and what options to consider.

Considering how expensive these gadgets are and our tendency to carry them everywhere, having an extended warranty plan is more important than ever. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, iPad or any other mobile gadget it’s important that you find an extended warranty service that protects you against loss, theft, water damage, and mechanical breakdowns.

As the price of trendy gadgets increase, the best time to consider gadget insurance would perhaps be right after the initial purchase is made or mobile contract entered into. There is no use in waiting, given that accidents happen even to devices fresh out of the box, and the manufacturer’s warranty sometimes does not cover such damage. Insuring a gadget right from the get-go is good.

Some key points before you plan your warranty:
Consider coverage you may already have through your warranty, home insurance, travel insurance, bank account or credit card.
If this is insufficient, think about extending coverage on your home insurance, or taking out a dedicated gadget insurance policy.
Don’t just accept a policy offered by the retailer selling you the gadget.

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